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Close-Up: NON-RETAIL PHARMA (Market Sales Data Institution Level) databases contain two years (Moving Annual Total) worth of sales information captured via a panel of providers formed by wholesalers working in the non-retail channel. It includes information at the Institution Level on all laboratories, molecules, therapeutic classes, categories, and pharmaceutical forms for Rx and OTC products.

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Territorial Data (TD) is an online tool that allows laboratories to analyze the pharmaceutical market sales within small territories. It evaluates the sales generated by the promotion in each territory within the promotional strategy, and provides market analysis segregated by country, region, district, territory and postal code, evaluating each sales point coverage. Our new Close-Up: Territorial Data profiles are from Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, and Uruguay.

Retail Market is an online tool that allows laboratories to analyze the pharmaceutical market sales, i.e., evaluation of a country total market in terms of unit sales, market share, product turnover and distribution. Our new Close-Up: Retail Market profiles are from Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Central America, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Paraguay, Peru, and Uruguay.

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The Northwell Wound Registry is a cold-fusion based personalized wound registry with a total of 15,915 patients with 203,145 discrete wounds. EMR data are available since 2015, while tissue analytics data (wound imaging, etc.) are available only since 2020.

In the Swedish Fracture Register (SFR), orthopaedic surgeons, residents or A&E (Accident & Emergency Department) doctors register data on all extremity, pelvic and spine fractures that have been diagnosed or treated at the affiliated departments. Both surgical and non-surgical treatments are registered, as well as subsequent treatments such as planned treatments or non-planned treatments as reoperations. More than 910,000 fractures are currently registered in the database.

Colombia becomes our 55th country, and the Sistema Integrado de Información de la Protección Social - Integrated Social Protection Information System (SISPRO) becomes our 425th healthcare database profile.

Austria and Montenegro – We now have databases from these two countries for the first time in our resource:

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