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We have just uploaded our 24th profile from Canada, the Discharge Abstract Database (DAD). Originally developed in 1963, DAD captures administrative, clinical and demographic information on hospital discharges (including deaths, sign-outs and transfers).

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301 - BIG3 (Sweden)

It has taken us many years to reach this mark and we couldn’t do it without the help from all the database managers and their staff. Thank you!

The AACR Project Genomics, Evidence, Neoplasia, Information, Exchange (GENIE) is a multiphase, multi-year, international data-sharing project launched in November 2015. It aims to catalyze precision cancer medicine. The goal of the GENIE platform is to integrate and link clinical-grade cancer genomic data with clinical outcome data for tens of thousands of cancer patients.

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Sharmila and Earl at ICPE in Prague

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The Spanish Rare Diseases Patient Registry [Registro Nacional de Enfermedades Raras] is a registry of national scope which collects information on all persons diagnosed with any disease considered to be rare or of low prevalence. The objectives of the registry are to:
- Provide necessary information to contribute to the development of new treatments and to the prevention, diagnosis, prognosis and quality of life of rare disease patients and their families;

CancerMPact® is an international cancer registry that includes published epidemiology studies in the USA, Japan, and Western Europe.  Cancer patient data are obtained from clinician surveys. This resource is composed of web-based integrated modules: Patient Metrics (Patient Metrics – G7, Patient Metrics – China, Patient Metrics – Expanded Markets and Biomarker Analysis) and Treatment Practices and Evolution (Treatment Architecture and Future Trends and Insights).

IQVIA Oncology Dynamics, formerly QuintilesIMS Oncology Dynamics, is a market research tool that has been designed to monitor various cancer treatments and therapies. It segments patients by indication, stage, and line of therapy to provide an understanding of patient pathways, prescribers, products, prescribing initiation and treatment practice patterns.

The full portfolio is a global database comprising patient records spanning nine (9) countries; each country has a separate profile in our resource.

Since 1950, the National Institute for Health and Welfare Finland (THL) Register of Induced Abortions monitors and develops measures to promote the health and well-being of the population of Finland. Among other things, data include information on grounds for abortion - since 1955. Starting 1958, information is available on patient’s marital status, age, number of births and the number of procedures performed in each province.