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IMS LifeLink™ Information Assets: Ambulatory EMR (USA) includes data from 2006 with over 32 Million patient records, as well as 185 Million medication orders. The database contains detailed patient interactions, including clinical treatment, collected from electronic systems by physician practices and clinics into a central location, then processed and aggregated by the EMR vendor. Please contact the database vendor regarding licensing the data.
  • National Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) Registry (USA);
  • Western Australia Cancer Registry (WACR) (Australia);

We now have 238 profiles in our collection – from 33 countries! – and hope to add a few more this year!

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Download a copy of our poster, "A Comparison between Chinese and US Electronic Health Records Database Structures," presented at ICPE 2014 in Taiwan.

Three new database profiles can be viewed at Booth #19 at ICPE in Taipei, Taiwan:

  • Taiwan Cancer Registry (Taiwan);
  • National Study of Long-Term Care Providers (NSLTCP) (USA); and
  • IMS LifeLink™ Diabetes Cohort (France);

We now have 236 profiles in our collection – from 33 countries!

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- See our poster: "A Comparison between Chinese and US Electronic Health Records Database Structures." (Abstract #756 - Poster Session C: Database, October 27, 2014). Read our complete Newsletter

We are making strides towards adding new database profiles from more countries. We now have our first profile from Ukraine: National Cancer Registry of Ukraine.

Started in 1989, it collects information about all cases of malignant neoplasms in Ukraine in all age groups. Since the year 2002, this registry covers cases from the whole country. This population-based cancer registry is also linked to, but distinct from, the hospital-based cancer registry.

The main goal of B.R.I.D.G.E. is to profile databases from around the world with the most current information. Although we try to include as many profiles as possible, we unfortunately cannot profile every database. We work with each database manager to ensure their database profile is complete and accurate, as well as receive explicit permission for their database to be listed. Some reasons for declined participation are time constraints, non-commercial interests, and information disclosure restrictions.

The IMS LifeLink™ Longitudinal Rx (LRx) Database from Italy consists of dispensed reimbursed patient level prescription data collected through the retail pharmacy channel as well as select Distribution per account (DPC) channel. This database has data starting 2011 for retail channel and since 2013 for DPC channel, and is updated on a monthly basis. The database includes only NHS reimbursed products distributed in retail and DPC channels; no hospital products are tracked. Read more about it here

Based on user requests, we have updated the search logic for the “Drug Data” criterion. When you choose 'Yes' for the “Drug Data” field, all the database profiles with the following search results will appear as a 100% match:

  • Yes
  • Yes: Prescription & OTC
  • Yes: Prescription only
  • Yes: OTC only

We hope you will find this feature useful and continue sharing your user experiences with us!