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The Swedish Arthroplasty Register (SAR) is a National Quality Register. It is a merger of the two oldest national arthroplasty registers, the Swedish Knee Arthroplasty Register and the Swedish Hip Arthroplasty Register, including knee replacements since 1975, hip replacements since 1979, hemiarthroplasties since 2005, and knee osteotomies since 2013. Reoperations, revisions and other procedures, related to the knee or hip are registered, as well as patient-reported outcome(s).

Swedish Arthoplasty Register (Sweden)

Database Contact Data

Professor Ola Rolfson
The Swedish Arthroplasty Register
413 45 Gothenburg 

Alternate Contact

The Swedish Arthroplasty Register
413 45 Gothenburg 
Phone: +46 10 441 29 31

References of Studies Using/Describing Database

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2. Dale H, Fenstad AM, Hallan G, Overgaard S, Pedersen AB, Hailer NP, Kärrholm J, Rolfson O, Eskelinen A, Mäkelä KT, Furnes O. Increasing risk of revision due to infection after primary total hip arthroplasty: results from the Nordic Arthroplasty Register Association. Acta Orthop. 2023 Jun 27;94:307-315. 

3. Gustafsson K, Kvist J, Eriksson M, Rolfson O. What Factors Identified in Initial Osteoarthritis Management Are Associated With Poor Patient-reported Outcomes After THA? A Register-based Study. Clin Orthop Relat Res. 2023 May 9;481(9):1732–42.

4. Itayem R, Rolfson O, Mohaddes M, Kärrholm J. What is the Role of Stem Size and Offset in the Risk of Nonseptic Revision of the Exeter® 150-mm Stem? A Study From the Swedish Arthroplasty Register. Clin Orthop Relat Res. 2023 Apr 28;481(9):1689–99.

5. Ighani Arani P, Wretenberg P, Stenberg E, Ottosson J, W-Dahl A. Total knee arthroplasty and bariatric surgery: change in BMI and risk of revision depending on sequence of surgery. BMC Surg. 2023 Mar 10;23(1):53.

6. Lagergren J, Mukka S, Wolf O, Nauclér E, Möller M, Rogmark C. Conversion to Arthroplasty After Internal Fixation of Nondisplaced Femoral Neck Fractures: Results from a Swedish Register Cohort of 5,428 Individuals 60 Years of Age or Older. J Bone Joint Surg Am. 2023 Mar 1;105(5):389-396.

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Started in 2014, STATinMED’s licensed all-payer medical, and pharmacy claims dataset (STATinMED Real World Data Insights) provides insight into approximately 80% of the US healthcare system. These data are comparable with other all-payer claims repositories as they are sourced directly from claims clearinghouses, which are responsible to manage claims transactions between payers and providers, offering comprehensive coverage at the patient level across the US healthcare system.

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