Northwell Wound Registry (USA)

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Amit Rao

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1. Oropallo A, Rao AS, Del Pin C, Ranire‐Maguire M, Mathew A. An objective comparative study of non‐surgical cleansing techniques and cleanser types in bacterial burden management. International Wound Journal. 2024 Feb;21(2):e14730.

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Feb 20, 2024: New Registry profile added from Sweden

In the Swedish Fracture Register (SFR), orthopaedic surgeons, residents or A&E (Accident & Emergency Department) doctors register data on all extremity, pelvic and spine fractures that have been diagnosed or treated at the affiliated departments. Both surgical and non-surgical treatments are registered, as well as subsequent treatments such as planned treatments or non-planned treatments as reoperations. More than 910,000 fractures are currently registered in the database.

Swedish Fracture Register (Sweden)

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Director of Swedish Fracture Register
Assoc. Prof Olof Wolf
Uppsala Academic Hospital
Dept. of Orthopaedics

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1. Amilon S, Bergdahl C, Fridh E, Backteman T, Ekelund J, Wennergren D. How common are refractures in childhood?: a study based on 40,000 paediatric fractures from the Swedish Fracture Register. The Bone & Joint Journal. 2023 Aug 1;105(8):928-34.

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Sistema Integrado de Información de la Protección Social - Integrated Social Protection Information System (SISPRO) (Colombia)

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Guilherme Alfano

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References of Studies Using/Describing Database

1. Florez-Esparza G, Cifuentes-González C, Rojas-Carabali W, Mejía-Salgado G, Pineda-Sierra JS, Pardo-Pizza D, Lesley Cruz D, de-la-Torre A. Colombian Ocular Inflammatory Diseases Epidemiology Study (COIDES): Prevalence, Incidence, and Sociodemographic Characterization of Uveitis in Colombia, 2015-2020. Ocul Immunol Inflamm. 2023 Nov 16:1-7.

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Montenegro Pharmacovigilance Database (Montenegro)

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Institute for Medicines and Medical Devices of Montenegro
Boulevard Ivana Crnojevića 64a
Podgorica 81000

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22nd ISoP Annual Meeting “Putting Patients First in Pharmacovigilance: International Perspectives from Global South” 6–9 November 2023 Bali, Indonesia. Drug Saf 46, 1173–1295 (2023). 

21st ISoP Annual Meeting “A New Era of Pharmacovigilance: Challenges and Opportunities” 20–23 September 2022 Verona, Italy. Drug Saf 45, 1111–1327 (2022).

20th ISoP Annual Meeting “Integrated pharmacovigilance for safer patients” 8–10 November 2021 Muscat, Oman (Hybrid meeting). Drug Saf 44, 1391–1470 (2021).

NOTE: Abstracts for the ISoP Annual Meetings are published as a part of the Drug Safety journal

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