Jan 24, 2024: The first of many LATAM databases we are profiling in 2024

Colombia becomes our 55th country, and the Sistema Integrado de Información de la Protección Social - Integrated Social Protection Information System (SISPRO) becomes our 425th healthcare database profile.

SISPRO consists of several datasets of which two are most frequently used by researchers - SISMED and MIPRES. The SISPRO database allows users, even those with no expertise in data analysis, to perform their own basic data queries. Raw data are analyzed by directly accessing information cubes, which allow the use of queries to export requested data. For more information, read about it in our resource. If you are not a subscriber, contact us now to sign up and review 425 healthcare database profiles from 55 countries. You can also view the FREE sample set first, to see what information is provided in our profiles.