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The National Cancer Registry (NCR) commenced operations in January 2016. Accurate nationwide data obtained from NCR contribute to the planning and evaluation of cancer control in Japan. This database is utilized in evaluating the quality of medical care for cancer patients, in assessing the accuracy of cancer screening, and in follow-up surveys in nationwide cohort studies.

National Cancer Registry (Japan)

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Please complete the contact form (in Japanese or English) at -

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References of Studies Using/Describing Database

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Swedish Multiple Sclerosis Registry (Sweden) **

Database Contact Data

Prof. Jan Hillert
Karolinska University Hospital
17176 Stockholm

Alternate Contact

1. Anna Cunningham (Multiple Sclerosis)

2. Email -

References of Studies Using/Describing Database

1. Karrenbauer VD, Bedri SK, Hillert J, Manouchehrinia A. Cerebrospinal fluid oligoclonal immunoglobulin gamma bands and long-term disability progression in multiple sclerosis: a retrospective cohort study. Sci Rep. 2021 Jul 22;11(1):14987. 

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Cerner Enviza Cancerology (France)

Database Contact Data

Patricia Medina
Cerner Enviza

Alternate Contact

Cécile Pacheco
Cerner Enviza

References of Studies Using/Describing Database

1. E. Manna, K. Kikuchi , H. Chalubert , I. Amri, P. Medina. BRAF mutation testing and results among French patients with solid tumours. Poster presented at ESMO 2020.

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8. Flinois A, Bonnelye G, Chabernaud H, Evolution of the number of patients treated for metastatic cancer between 2003 and 2013 in France, poster presented at ISPOR EU 2015.

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