Oct 27, 2023: Two new Nordic profiles added to our compendium

We have just added database profiles for the Norwegian Population Register and Finnish Register of Congenital Malformations. 

The Norwegian National Population Register (Folkeregisteret, FREG) contains information on everyone that resides or has resided in Norway, whether they are patients or not. The registry forms the basis for the tax register, the electoral register and population statistics. The National Registry contains information concerning the following, among other things: births, names, paternity and parental responsibility; changes of address; changes in marital status; deaths; name changes; citizenship.

The Finnish Register of Congenital Malformations contains national-level data on congenital chromosomal and structural anomalies, as well as a few other congenital anomalies like congenital hypothyroidism and teratomas, detected or suspected in stillborn and live born infants and foetuses. Data on some 5,000 new cases with congenital anomalies are annually reported to the Register, of which more than 2,000 are major congenital anomalies.

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