Feb 14, 2023: We now have the Estonian Drug Treatment Register profile for you

The Estonian Drug Treatment Register was established in 2020. All health care providers treating drug dependence are required to send notification to the Register when starting or finishing a treatment episode. Each record contains personal identifiers (name and unique ID-code assigned to all residents of Estonia), socio-demographic characteristics, drugs used, date and code of diagnosis (ICD-10), as well as data on treatment episode.

Feb 9, 2023: Our 14th profile from Sweden has been uploaded

The Registry for Monitoring Fetal Damage and Chromosomal Abnormalities contains information on birth defects since 1964. Data from the Swedish Medical Birth Register are available since 1973, and data from the Swedish Patient Register are available since 1987. This specific register contains information on newborns, live births and stillborn children, who have a gestational age of at least 22 completed weeks of pregnancy and who have congenital malformations, deformities and chromosomal abnormalities.

Registry for Monitoring Fetal Damage and Chromosomal Abnormalities (Sweden)

Database Contact Data

Carina Gustafsson
Programme Officer, Phd
The National Board of Health and Welfare
Department of Registers and Statistics 
SE-106 30 Stockholm
Phone: +46 75 247 30 00
Email: carina.gustafsson@socialstyrelsen.se

Alternate Contact

Mona Heurgren
The National Board of Health and Welfare
Department of Registers and statistics 
SE-106 30 Stockholm
Email: mona.heurgren@socialstyrelsen.se

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Feb 7, 2023: Our latest profile addition from Estonia

With data since 1987, the Estonian Tuberculosis (TB) Register is a population-based, centralized national register with standardized registration of all TB cases in Estonia. This TB Register is an electronic, person-based one with unique personal Estonian ID-codes, linking data with the Estonian Population Register, TB reference laboratory database, and Causes of Death Register. All data are cross-checked with health care providers.

Estonian Tuberculosis Register (Estonia)

Database Contact Data

Estonian Tuberculosis Register
National Institute for Health Development
Hiiu 42
Tallinn 11619
Email: tuberkuloosiregister@tai.ee
Phone: +372 659 39 17

Alternate Contact

Email: tai@tai.ee
Phone: +372 659 39 00

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3. Rahu K, Viiklepp P, Villand K, Pehme L, Rahu M. Respiratory tuberculosis incidence and mortality in Estonia: 30-year trends and sociodemographic determinants. Int J Tuberc Lung Dis. 2019 Jan 1;23(1):112-118.

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