Jul 25, 2023: We finally have the NCARDRS profile! (It includes information from 8 former individual congenital anomaly registries)

Launched April 1, 2015, the National Congenital Anomaly and Rare Disease Registration Service (NCARDRS) records information on people with congenital abnormalities and rare diseases across the whole of England. NCARDRS includes information from the following registries, which individually collected data in the past:

- Congenital Anomaly Register for Oxfordshire, Berkshire and Buckinghamshire (CAROBB)

- East Midlands and South Yorkshire Congenital Anomaly Register (EMSYCAR)

- Northern Congenital Abnormality Survey (NorCAS)

- South West Congenital Anomaly Register (SWCAR)

- Wessex Antenatally Detected Anomalies Register (WANDA)

- West Midlands Congenital Anomaly Register (WMCAR)

- Yorkshire and the Humber Congenital Anomalies Register (YHCAR)

- National Down Syndrome Cytogenetic Register (NDSCR) - England and Wales

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