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VCB is one of the largest multi-center collection facilities of its kind in the world, collecting tissue and blood from donors at 26 public & private hospitals in metropolitan Melbourne. VCB has an open-door policy to public and private investigators or companies that have an ethically approved research project. It is customer-focused with an archival collection of >400,000 biospecimens in various storage formats and can support prospective collections.

Victorian Cancer Biobank (VCB) (Australia)

Database Contact Data

Wayne Ng, PhD 
Victorian Cancer Biobank
615 St Kilda Rd, 
Melbourne, Victoria 3004 
Phone: +61 3 9514 6179
E-mail: Wayne.Ng@cancervic.org.au

Alternate Contact

Project Manager
Victorian Cancer Biobank
615 St Kilda Rd
Melbourne, Victoria 3004
Phone: +61 3 9514 6186
E-mail: VCBEnquiries@cancervic.org.au

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