Apr 29, 2021: The German Centre for Cancer Registry Data (ZfKD) marks the 340th database profile

With data starting from 1999 and around 500,000 cancer patients being added each year, the population-based cancer registries in each German federal state transfer data to the German Centre for Cancer Registry Data (ZfKD). ZfKD estimates national cancer incidence, prevalence and survival rates after assessing the completeness of the data recorded in the individual registries. The basic method is that the data are first checked for completeness of incidence and of vital status.

German Centre for Cancer Registry Data (ZfKD) (Germany)

Database Contact Data

Klaus Kraywinkel, MD, MSc (Epidemiology)
Centre for Cancer Registry Data at the Robert Koch-Institute
General-Pape-Str. 62-66
D-12101 Berlin
Tel.: +49-30187543170
E-mail: k.kraywinkel@rki.de

Alternate Contact

Nina  Buttmann-Schweiger, MD, MSc (Epidemiology)
Centre for Cancer Registry Data at the Robert Koch-Institute
General-Pape-Str. 62-66
D-12101 Berlin
Tel.: +49-3018754-3266
E-mail: ButtmannN@rki.de

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Apr 13, 2021: Our first database profile from Egypt

The Egypt National Population-based Cancer Registry (NPCR) was established in 2007 and is the only source for cancer incidence in the whole of Egypt. It routinely collects patient data from peripheral population-based registries in the cancer centers of the 5 governorates. Data include patient demographics, primary tumor site, tumor morphology, stage at diagnosis, and follow-up for vital status from over one million patients.

Egypt National Population-based Cancer Registry (NPCR) (Egypt)

Database Contact Data

Amal Ibrahim, MD, DrPH
Emeritus Professor of Epidemiology
National Cancer Institute, Cairo University
Director National Cancer Registry Program 
13, Street 207 Maadi, 
Cairo 11728
Phone: +2 01006030480
Email: ibrahimamalsamy@gmail.com

Alternate Contact


References of Studies Using/Describing Database

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Apr 5, 2020: Two new National Health and Wellness Survey (NHWS) offerings from Kantar

Kantar's latest NHWS, from South Korea and Taiwan, are the latest to be profiled in B.R.I.D.G.E. TO DATA. These databases provide demographic data, disease-specific measures on >165 conditions (including symptoms & comorbidities), patient-reported outcomes (including quality of life), patient attitudes, medication and healthcare resource utilization. The survey aims to collect data to show how patients view their health, their attitudes and behaviors, outcomes and their unmet needs.

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